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Machine learning technology combined with human oversight gives delivAI the ideal combination to get deliveries done!

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Powerful features right off the bat

From technology to human touch delivAI does delivery different and better. We offer a new way to deliver.

Artifical Intelligence Assigning

delivAI uses machine learning to assign deliveries to the carrier and their driver that is most poised to complete the delivery in a timely fashion


Human Monitoring of Orders

Technology is great, but having a human eye on things makes it even better. delivAI is better at deliveries because we monitor orders to ensure things are on time every time.

Delivery Orchestration

Relying on just one carrier for transport can lead to issues. Driver capacity or driver delays could cause a snowball effect of order issues. delivAI's orchestration using the OneRail platform makes sure we can change carriers and drivers on the fly. Always having a carrier available to complete the order.


User Features

◆ Online Quoting & Scheduling
◆ Status Notifications
◆ email & SMS notifications

customer numbers


◆ On-demand orders
◆ Scheduled deliveries
◆ Delivery speed options
◆ Monday - Saturday deliveries



◆ Fast scheduling
◆ Delivery window options
◆ Real-time status updates
◆ Live driver tracking
◆ 97.7% deliveries completed

And we are just getting started

There’s just so much power with delivAI.

Easy Scheduling

Online scheduling in as little as 60 seconds.  No more on-hold music, No more calling for quotes, No more scheduling conflicts due to miscommunication.

Flexible Scheduling

We can pickup soon, later, or 5 days from now.
We can deliver as fast as possible in as little as 1 hour or give us 4 hours for a better price.

Scalable Deliveries

Schedule deliveries when and how you or your business operates. We can pickup every once in a while as needed, or daily with on-demand or set scheduled pickup times.

AI Powered Driver Selection

With access to multiple Logistics Partners, delivAI can send orders to gig-service drivers or local couriers that are ready, willing, and able to make your delivery in a timely fashion.

Human Monitoring

We take delivery one step further by monitoring all deliveries to ensure timely, reliable, on-time delivery. No more missed pickups or delayed deliveries.

Real-time Status Notifications

Get real-time SMS and/or email notifications from pickup to delivery. We keep everyone updated so there's no questions about "Where's my package?"

Get started with delivAI and get delivering like you never could before. AI delivery made easy.

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