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Our commitment to on-time deliveries is unmatched. Harness the power of our network of courier and delivery services, ensuring your packages find the fastest route to their destination.
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Facing these delivery challenges?

deliv solves the most common delivery services and courier service issues faced by businesses and individuals.  We focus on minimizing the issues with quoting, scheduling, delivering, tracking, succeeding.

Delayed or Missed Pickups

Delivery issues start with late or missed pickup windows. deliv is proactive about monitoring and reassigning drivers and even carriers that don't respond. We use our full network to make sure we have drivers available to make timely deliveries.

Late or Lost Deliveries

Are you plagued with late or lost deliveries? deliv uses dynamic delivery scheduling to ensure timely pickups and deliveries. With only one person handling the order from pickup to delivery, deliv ensures safety and security of the delivery.

Live Human Support

Not being able to reach a human or even a support chat bot is frustrating.  deliv is available via email, chat, SMS, or phone to answer questions regarding your enroute or recent delivery.

Flexible Delivery Capaticy

Not enough drivers, have drivers sitting around, or sending the floor staff to make deliveries is not the most effective way to operate. deliv allows businesses to flex driver capacity with their needs, season, or business fluctuations. Let deliv add capacity when you need it and keep you and the staff focused on the core business.

Driver Issues

Managing drivers is a headache, liability, and a fulltime job. Whether its misdelivered packages, driver no-shows, vehicle accidents, or cost of insurance, deliv takes the headache out of delivery and gives peace of mind.

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Used by small business, appreciated by the customers

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Why choose our delivery service?

Service, technology, and features, that take the courier and delivery service industry to the next level for small business and individuals.

97.8% Reliability Guaranteed

Reliability and punctuality are essential to minimize delivery-related hassles. Late or missed deliveries can lead to lost sales, negative reviews, reputation damage, and inconvenience to all parties involved. Don't risk dissatisfied customers, get reliable local delivery.

Extended Delivery

We deliver further...faster. Gig-services are generally restricted to a 10-15 mile radius from the pick up. Couriers go further, but charge an arm and a leg. deliv can deliver up to 35 miles from the pickup in 10 plus markets around the US and hundreds of zip codes in each. Check out our service areas.

Artificial Intelligence

The utilization of artificial intelligence facilitates efficient and optimized carrier and driver assignment, ensuring prompt and dependable same-day local delivery services to customers.

Human Monitoring

To ensure a satisfactory delivery experience for customers, our orders undergo rigorous human monitoring, resulting in minimal exceptions and swift resolution of any issues.

Why choose
us as your courier service?

We take package delivery, document delivery, and retail delivery serious. We make every effort to make sure your item(s) arrive on time...every time. Guaranteed!

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Online Quoting, Scheduling, & Tracking
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Seamless Communication
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Paperless Operations
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Get Started
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Ready to pull the trigger? Create an account today!

Get started with deliv today.  No need for a phone call. No need for an application. Just create an account, schedule a pickup in as little as 100 seconds.

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We’re the future of logistics technology.

With dozens of couriers, gig-service partners, and deliver service providers in every market, we have a vast network of drivers. deliv is able to revoke an order from the service provider or driver if they aren't poised to make the delivery on time.

Our AI tech assigns the order to the carrier and driver that is optimally located to make the pickup in time. Then it monitors the order and notifies a human if anything looks out of the ordinary.  Then human intelligence springs into action to ensure the order is delivered on time and all parties are the loop.

Taking full advantage of AI has never been this easy.

deliv leverages AI technology to ensure accurate assignment of orders to the appropriate courier or gig-service, and the nearest available driver, to ensure timely delivery within the scheduled time window.

How deliv Works.

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Local Delivery

Retail Biz
Print Shop
Dental Lab
Legal Firm
Retail Biz
Print Shop
Dental Lab
Legal Firm
Retail Biz
Print Shop
Dental Lab
Legal Firm
Retail Biz
Print Shop
Dental Lab

Everyone benefits.

deliv provides a convenient, reliable, and efficient delivery solution for a range of customers including retailers, eCommerce businesses, professionals, and individuals.

Retailers and e-Commerce businesses use deliv

Retail businesses with brick-and-mortar stores or e-Commerce companies with local warehouses can use deliv to provide fast local same-day delivery that today's consumers demand. Single deliveries or bulk routed or random, we have the services retailers need. Schedule a call for further information.

delivAI supports Professionals

delivAI's local delivery service is essential for professionals who require timely and reliable delivery of important documents and packages. Sign up for an account with delivAI today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with prompt and reliable deliveries, allowing you to focus on your core tasks and operate efficiently.

Individuals can use delivAI too

Busy, forgetful, homebound, don't want to fight traffic, or just plain lazy? deliv can make life easier and convenient for you. We don't just deliver for businesses we can pick up or deliver things for you too.

Delivering for...

deliv works with all kinds of businesses for their local logistics and delivery needs.

Boutique & Clothing Retailers

Provide the ultimate fashion hack by offering speedy and convenient access to the latest styles, by providing consumers with instant gratification turning them into repeat buyers.

Print, Promo, & Sign Shops

Providing a convenient and reliable delivery option that meets the demands of time-sensitive projects and last-minute requests, can lead to repeat business and referrals.

Pharmacies & CBD Retailers

Delivery is a prescription for success for pharmacy retailers, providing customers with a speedy and convenient way to receive their medications, and get well sooner.

Dental & Medical Labs

Reliable delivery of critical dental appliances builds trust and loyalty among dentists and patients helping to keep customers smiling with the confidence that their dental needs are being taken care of.

Beauty & Personal Care

Delivery is a skincare game-changer, getting their hands on their favorite products faster than ever before will keep them glowing from head to toe, while building brand loyalty.

Pet Supply Stores

Delivery is a paw-some perk for pet owners to get their furry friends the food, toys, and accessories they need right away, that will keep tails wagging and customers coming back for more.

Meal Prep & Grocery Stores

Make delivery a foodie-fabulous benefit providing customers with the ultimate convenience by getting doorstep delivery, making it easier to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Office Supply Stores

Receiving supplies businesses need promptly and efficiently, demonstrates a commitment to exceptional service that builds loyalty with the confidence that their office needs are always met.

Attorneys & CPAs

Couriers are great but... deliv provides the ability to use multiple couriers and gig-services to always make the delivery. Legal and Accounting documents are critical and confidential, so always get them delivered, on time, every time.

Architects & Engineers

Projects move fast and need to have drawings, plans, and documents at the site when it counts. Time-saving solutions allow professionals to focus on what they do best - designing and building amazing structures that improve our world.

Sporting Goods Retailers

Customers need a speedy and convenient way to get the gear they need to hit the field, court, or trail right away. Add an element of fun and excitement to the shopping experience, making it easier for customers to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle.

Government Entities

Streamlined internal operations and enhance overall efficiency with convenient delivery so officials can spend less time worrying about logistics and more time making decisions that positively impact their communities.

Frequently asked questions.

Answers to some important questions about our delivery service

How flexible is your delivery system?

Small businesses often operate in a dynamic environment, and flexibility is paramount. Given that deliv utilizes multiple carriers, you can rest assured the agility of the deliv system. The ability to send local delivery orders to various carriers and drivers, enables this flexibility to ensure the adaptability to the unique demands of different businesses.

What sets deliv apart from others?

The fact that deliv doesn't rely on a single carrier but leverages a network of carriers, offering a diverse range of options for deliveries. We can delivery small items that fit in cars and larger items or quantities that may require a van. This capability enhances reliability, speed, and cost-effectiveness compared to competitors who might be more limited in their delivery services.

How do you ensure on-time deliveries?

Punctuality is crucial, especially for same-day deliveries. Businesses and individuals can rest assured that their items will reach the destination on time. deliv's platform analyzes and assigns orders to the carriers and drivers best positioned to meet delivery deadlines. Though our AI platform magically assigns orders, a human is always monitoring the order for timeliness.

What is the cost structure of your delivery service?

Small businesses often have tight budgets, so cost is a significant factor. deliv's use of multiple carriers contributes to cost-effectiveness by finding the lowest cost provider that can make the delivery in a timely fashion. Guaranteeing an on-time can make the difference between a satisfied customer and a disgruntled one. Delivery is an extension of your business, so don't settle for second rate delivery services.

What our clients say about our work.

Our users take us to the stars by giving us consistent 5-start ratings. Here are just some of the comments we get.

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